Homework: Why Do It?

Homework: Why Do It?


The debate about whether home tasks should or should not be assigned to students is going on in countless schools these days. Research studies have brought forth both the advantages

and disadvantages of assigning home tasks to students. This is the reason that most of the schools that used to give home assignments in the past have started to think whether it is the right thing to do and whether these assignments are really of any use.

Some experts of the field have this argument that no study has so far been able to find any correlation between homework and academic achievement. Others are of the view that home assignments can be quite beneficial if they are designed with the purpose of enhancing the understanding of students. Good quality assignments would help the students understand their learning process and analyze their study skills.

Whether the home assignments being given to the students will be beneficial or not is determined by the purpose which is behind the creation of a particular assignment. The tasks that the teachers assign only as busy work without any clear benefits in mind are of no good for the students. They only tend to stress-out and frustrate the students. On the other hand, the tasks which are designed as an extension of what the students have learned in class do have a positive impact upon the students’ learning. When students are given such assignments, they tend to enjoy the learning experience and work on these tasks with diligence. Here, home assignments are being used as a tool to reinforce what was learned in the class and also to get the students’ involved in the learning process.

Hence, it can be said that in order to realize the benefits of assigning home tasks, they should be designed by the teachers very carefully and with a clear purpose in their mind. These tasks should spark the students’ interest in learning and not make them hate it. Therefore, it is also very important that the teachers and school administrators put a limit on the number of home assignments being given to the students. They should focus, instead, on the quality. So, if the assignments are designed keeping their purpose in mind and the students have only a few to be completed on a daily basis, there is no doubt that home assignments will have a positive effect upon the student’s learning and understanding of various subjects.

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