Our Company’s Privacy Policy

There is nothing more precious to us than our customers’ satisfaction and confidentiality. For this purpose, we have articulated a set of written rules in order to protect the interests of our clients. Here is the detailed privacy policy that can help you understand more:

In all credit card transactions, our customers are highly secure through Consumer Credit Protection Act as well as the Credit Card Act which is with complete compilation to the FBR rules. Our company uses a totally reliable system of transactions due to which there is hardly any chance of misuse of your information. Top-notch e-commerce solutions have made it possible for us to protect all your intricate data through automatic encryption so that it is not revealed to anyone else other than yourself.

We have highly technical and advanced technologies through which we make proper use of usual data of the person who visits our website. The information is used only for the purpose of improving our services. Normally, we have data about the computer’s IP address, time duration for the visit, domain name and the areas of the website navigated by the user.

We assure you that every kind of academic service provided by us is completely legitimate and original. We only deal in offering non-plagiarized academic documents and deliver high quality work to our customers.

Our company also uses some software to help evaluate the progress and effectiveness of our website. This interprets valid data including the number of visitors on the website and their activities.

We ensure that all the personal information provided by you is only used for the purpose of communication between the company and the client. We take a pledge that your personal information is never to be used by a third party and is kept entirely safe with us.